6 Signs It’s Time to Pump Your Septic Tank

One of the most important things to remember to keep your septic system functioning properly is to get your tank pumped. Most people know that they should be pumping their tank with some regularity, but many homeowners do not know when exactly to pump their tanks. The best way to avoid this issue is to stick to a pumping schedule recommended by a professional septic services company. However, if you’re a new homeowner or you’ve deviated from your schedule, there are some warning signs to help you realize it’s time to pump your septic tank.

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1. It’s Almost Winter

Winter is the most difficult time to pump your septic tank. The cold weather freezes the ground, making it difficult to dig for the tank. The snow can also make it difficult to dig for the tank. For this reason, if your tank hasn’t been pumped in a while, you should get it done before the weather gets too cold. Pumping your tank before the thick of winter will help you avoid costly repairs and a difficult pumping process later on.

2. Pooling Water

When your tank has reached capacity, liquid waste can begin to seep out of your tank. Your drain field will then become overworked, meaning it will not be able to process and dispose of wastewater properly. The result of this issue is the pooling of wastewater in your yard, especially above your drain field. If you notice pooling in your yard that does not follow heavy rain, it might be time to pump your septic tank.

3. Odors

When your septic tank reaches capacity, it will begin to leak sewage. The result of this leakage will be foul odors coming from your yard. A full septic tank can also leak to sewage backing up your pipes or creating clogs that will dry out your pipes. In these cases, you might experience foul odors in your home as well. If you notice odors coming from your yard or your drains, it’s probably time to pump your septic tank.

4. Lush Grass

When wastewater seeps out of the septic tank, it will often act as fertilizer. The result of this seepage is exceptionally lush grass in your yard. If you notice particularly lush patches of grass, especially around the drain field, it’s probably the result of waste seeping out of your tank. When your tank leaks, you should get it pumped immediately.

5. Poor Drainage and Backups

When your septic tank is full, your system does not dispose of waste and wastewater efficiently. When this issue occurs, you might notice your drains working inefficiently. If your drains are draining slowly or your toilet is flushing slowly, your septic system might be the issue. Because a full septic tank can also lead to wastewater traveling back up your pipes, you might notice water bubbling up in your drains. If poor drainage or backups are accompanied by other warning signs, you probably need to pump your septic tank.

6. It’s Been a While

One of the best ways to know that it’s time to pump your septic tank is to know when it was last pumped. Septic tanks need to be pumped roughly every 3-5 years. There are a few factors to impact the necessary frequency of pumping. The size of your household, the number of bathrooms, the number of facilities in your home using water (eg. dishwashers, washing machines, etc.), and the frequency of rainfall in your area can all affect the frequency of pumping. You can use these factors to determine how often you should pump your tank. Then, if you know the last time your tank was pumped, you can determine when it should be pumped next to avoid any issues.

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