7 Causes of Sewage Odors in Your Yard

yardWhen you take the time to make your yard look presentable, you’ll want to spend time outside enjoying it. However, if you’ve noticed your yard smelling like sewage, enjoying time outside your home can be nearly impossible. Usually, the cause of this type of odor in your yard is a problem with your septic system. We’ve compiled a list of the top causes of sewage odors in your yard.

1. Clogged Drain Field

Your septic tank functions with the ability to separate the solids and liquids inside the system. The solids sink, and a field of drain lines siphon off the liquid and return it to the ground near your home so the tank will not fill up. Sometimes, either because of freezing temperatures or because the solids have caused a blockage, the drain field can become clogged, and the liquid cannot escape from the main tank as intended. If this happens, the tank can fill up and overflow, causing the sewage odor to come up through the ground.

This clog can cause your yard to smell like sewage but there also other signs that confirm a clog is the main issue. If your drain field is clogged you might also see wet spots on your lawn like puddles or even sewage floating nearby as well. Additionally, slow running drains are also another sign and a good indicator it’s time to contact a professional septic company to undergo a septic system inspection and analysis.

2. Leaking Sewer Pipes

The pipes are the connecting factor from your home’s water features to your septic tank and are typically buried underground. Although these pipes rarely get damaged, a leak can still occur causing that sewage to leak and rise up from where the pipe and damage is located. This leaves sewage in your home or yard and a terrible smell to go with it. Sewage should be handled by the professionals and not handled directly as untreated sewage is a health hazard and can cause many diseases. 

To prevent health and safety risks, be sure to clean any water damage or waste that can result from a septic tank emergency. If waste has backed up into your home, clean up the mess as soon as possible. Disinfect floors and other affected surfaces with the right cleaning solution to avoid health issues. If you are not sure how or don’t have the needed tools to clean the waste on your own, it’s important to hire a professional septic company.

3. Overflowing Septic Tank

As the septic tank is used, waste continues to collect in the bottom of the septic tank. Ultimately, a tank that has been properly designed and installed will have enough space for around three to five years of safe accumulation of waste. When the sewage level increases beyond this point, the waste has less time to settle properly before leaving the tank. To prevent this, the tank must be pumped out periodically and can depend on the size of your septic tanks and number of occupants in your home. If you’re wondering how to determine your optimal pumping schedule, check out this blog post explaining the factors that affect your septic tank pumping schedule.

4. Blocked Venting System

When your vent is blocked, smells can emerge from your septic system. Often times, landscaping or work done on your home can block your vent. If the workers do not realize or do not pay close attention to the location of your vents, they could cover these vents. When these vents are covered, severe smells can occur that might be toxic. If you’re afraid your vent is blocked, call a professional to locate your vents and ensure that they are all working properly and aren’t blocked.

5. Clogged Drains

When a clog becomes severe, it can stop all pathways through a pipe. A severe clog can lead to a dry drain. Because the lubrication helps soak up the smelly gases, a dry drain will create more extreme smells. When the gas’s pathway is blocked, the gas will become trapped and seep into your home. This problem can be easily fixed with a professional drain cleaning. When the clog is clear, the smell should subside.

6. Improperly Sealed Tank

This problem is less common, but can occur, especially if you fail to use a reputable septic service company. If pumping or other maintenance performed on a septic tank is not done properly, the workers may leave the tank uncovered or improperly sealed. If the tank is not properly sealed, smells will seep out. Calling in a professional for a septic inspection will help you determine if an uncovered tank is the source of the smell.

7. Weather-Related Problems

Often times, the weather can be the cause of smells coming from your septic tank. When ice or frost builds up on your plumbing vent, they can block it. When this vent is blocked, sewer gases travel into your home instead of through the vent. If this buildup occurs, you can carefully chip away at the ice or call a professional to clear out the vent. Surface runoff can also pose a problem during high rainfall. This runoff can cause the tank to overflow, releasing smells. If this problem occurs, schedule a professional septic tank pumping and the smell should go away.

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