A Riser Septic Tank is a Good Idea

When you have a septic tank you want to ensure that you have a method of gaining easy access. A riser septic tank does just that. There are several different types to choose from.

The first type is a concrete riser septic tank. This type is the least popular. One of the reasons that most people shy away from a concrete model is that it is heavier than the other choices. Another drawback is that the concrete is unattractive. Many people don’t enjoy having this type in their yards.

The second type of riser tank is made from PVC. This is one of the most used types as it’s lightweight and very easy to install. It also is a more attractive choice than the concrete version.

A polyethylene riser septic tank is the third choice. This again is not the best choice as it is more difficult to install than a PVC version. It is also more difficult to seal this type of riser septic tank.

The type of riser septic tank that you choose is based on personal preference. It’s important to choose a model that is waterproof as you don’t want it leaking. Hiring a contractor to install the riser is the best choice as they are skilled in placing them correctly. Although it can be done by the average homeowner, hiring a professional is always a wise idea.

Installing a rider is required in many areas, but even if it’s not a legal requirement you should consider purchasing one. When there is a problem with your septic tank you don’t want to have to create too much of a disturbance in your backyard. With a riser in place that won’t be necessary.

The cost is well worth the money you will save in having to replace any grass or plants that you may destroy when trying to gain access to the septic tank.


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