Benefits of having a clean out on your sewer or septic system.

It is important to have a sewer clean out at your home for a few different reasons One, if you have a main line stoppage, if you have a clean out outside, we can just bring our equipment straight here, go in this hole, clear your stoppage, take care of your problem

If you don’t, we can install one for you, because if you don’t have one, what we’re going to have to do is all that equipment is going to have to come inside We’re going to have to fully protect your home, so sewage doesn’t get everywhere, we’re then going to have to pull the toilet, so we have access to the sewer line and take care of the issue The time doubles or triples easily, on top of the risk of sewage being in your home With an outside sewer clean out, you don’t have that risk What we can even install is what is called a sewer popper, which would be a cap that goes on here with a pop off valve

That way, if you do have a main line stoppage, the popper will release, sewage will spill out right here It won’t damage the inside of your home, and you’ll know that you have a problem So, if you don’t have a sewer clean out or you don’t know where your sewer clean out is, give Fulton Services a call We’ll be happy to come out and take a look

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