BoH 49 – Temporary Septic Tank

Hello everyone, welcome to the construction site today, I pulled up the electricity from the hydrophore I brought the tools we'll finish this waste container box let's get started the first thing you want to do is the basis of this tank I want to have boards that will run across this base they will keep the tank in place and they will be well anchored in this way, he will not stick to the box screws but it will be wood to hold the entire structure but unfortunately on the entire construction I was able to find only one board which is 8 cm long I can not find others so first of all I will take a jacket and I will cut the boards to size I do not have a circular or table saw so that must be enough I will make a guide so that the coat could go after her and cut these boards, fuck, it's not cutting cut them to size that I have four planks walking in protruding from the box with boards at the ends as anchors I will feel safer to attach this desk to the edge I think it will be two boards on the edge are twisted together I think it will be a more durable solution I also have to use this cutter for cutting holes on the sides at the bottom of the box so that the boards can pass through and then fasten the bottom full underside that there would be no pressure from the bottom let's take the boards and let's get to work because I do not have a table where I could work I will use this box as a table for my guide I have a small makita here screwdriver it's very cool and light there is no big battery operates on 108V batteries I like it very much for small works, for example for folding furniture we have to screw in a few screws to keep everything going she is fully capable has two speeds is very good so this will be our limiter That's what I think is called for our guide so that it does not move boards that we will cut we will be slipping in here we measure from here it's around 3 and a bit 3 cm and 2 mm it means that it should protrude from this board for about 5 min 2mm 4

8 cm if tma is 32 we still need 48 cm so somewhere around here we put the board clamps so that it does not move from the vibration of the saw these buckles are great they close tight and can easily be removed I can not cut the whole board at once because my guide is too short, but it will not stop me the blade that I have just buckled you can see it here flies aside so this is not the way let's go back to old and proven methods I cut these pieces with a chainsaw it did not work well but it's enough and the chain is not very sharp so moments have gone but I did it turns out that the idellas fit I just need to cut a hole for it in the wall of the box but before I do it and screw it I have one more ominous plan which I will share with you it's about stopping the box from crushing to the inside Cage your way but he also plans to add boards in this way maybe 3 or 4 they will be insulted from within so that people can support these boards and they will strengthen the walls of the box before bending inside but it will also act like an anchor so that the contender does not rise up they will be like anchors, protruding from side to side they will be zapierac to the land which will be covered with a tank the biggest problem with this type of tanks they are very light and if the ground is wet they can swim up and out of the ground give him the best chance I can to stay in the ground and they will not sail smooth walls are not the best so I will add some of these boards to the sides so that he can resist raising Wow, I managed to get you in the middle It's a fart Dear friends, it's a little later in the day makita is doing a great job the little makita amazes me I screwed these reinforcements outside they're flying around and they have such supports across that they keep them together and stop them from bending they are everywhere they are twisted on the corners each of them has 5 screws screwed in from the inside 15 to the side it's 60 screws and for those support and corners it probably gives 100 150 screws which I screwed in this chest and I had to change the battery in the makita only once, great and I'm ready to put the container inside and to cut these holes on the bottom for anchoring and this box is very solid now I will be surprised if it fails me especially since this box outside also supports it the only thing I'm worried about now that it will pop out of the ground in spring or fall when the groundwater is high so now I have to build really solid anchors that will keep the box underground will it fit? I have a carpentry angle here I will move the cut line i'm gonna use a blanket to cut it out ok, I already have it in place now I have to add only the floor these are just here perfectly the floor will be on this side and will keep everything from underneath these will have hooked anchors but the battery in the camera ends and the memory card too so thank you so much for watching this episode I hope you enjoyed my struggles and it will show you the final result before we bury it on the spot of a previous tank thank you, thank you very much for watching and see you next time, bye


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