BoH 51 – Temporary Septic Tank Penetrations

Hey everyone, welcome to the construction site on Tuesday is it Wednesday today? it's tuesday I brought the spacing on the reinforcement of poles for boys and I see that they finish the last guild bricks on the walls of the garage I'm scared: But I do not keep up with robiemien movie subtitles, translate and synchronize the 15-minute film takes me 3h, the same time as editing the entire episode, and due to the fact that almost every day I shoot material, and every day I am more and more backwards with editing, I made the decision that from this episode I will not write subtitles until I can catch up with the material I hope you understand I'M SORRY: this decision has also conditioned analytics, which says less than 1/3 of you use subtitles under movies

I still leave the option open to subtitles on the part of the audience, maybe someone will be eager and will start writing In the meantime, I hope that you will continue to follow the adventures on the construction site and not only that and that the temporary lack of subtitles will not discourage you, I greet you warmly Piotr


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