California Real Estate Company Using AI to Increase Sustainability in Operations

The Swig Company recently announced it is using artificial intelligence (AI) to lower energy use and costs and streamlines sustainable building operations. The Swig Company, owner and operator of real estate assets across the county, partnered with Gridium, a tech company specializing in smart data analysis.

Expected outcomes of the partnership include satisfying workspace environments for tenants, accurate measurement and verification analyses, and validation of successful energy efficiency projects.

Machine Learning Techniques Streamline Sustainability

According to Gridium, building operators using its technology will not have to waste time scrolling through plots of BMS data to spot inefficient building drift. Machine learning algorithms automatically update based on the latest building meter and weather data, enabling Gridium software to perform load decompositions and to alert the operator if the lights or HVAC equipment were left running overnight. Because the AI autonomously identifies and communicates anomalous changes in energy use patterns, building operators can address issues proactively. According to Gridium, this not only improves tenants’ workspace experience by initiating repairs before complaints occur, but also reduces utility consumption and operational workloads.

The real estate sector has shown tangible improvements in environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance,according to the 2017 GRESB Real Estate Assessment. In 2017, the sector reduced like-for-like water consumption by 0.5%, diverted 52.9% of landfill waste, and reduced like-for-like carbon emissions by 2.2%. The sector also reduced like-for-like energy consumption by 1.1%, according to the assessment. In North America, reductions were even higher.

The results show that the energy improvements made in recent years by the global real estate sector are in line with the energy reduction targets as set out in the United Nations-supported Sustainable Development Goals, GRESB says.

The 4th Annual Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference takes place May 13 – 15, 2019 in Denver. Learn more here.




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