Can IOT Drive EHS Performance?

The Industrial Internet of Things promises unprecedented access to data, reduced costs and the opportunity to drive new insights to drive performance; however, these technologies are often owned outside the EHS domain.   How can environmental professionals make compelling business cases to leverage these emerging technologies most effectively?

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Brian Payer
Chemical Engineer
Sphera Solutions

Brian Payer is a chemical engineer with business experience and a passion for solving problems at the intersection of energy and the environment. He has nine years of engineering experience on projects including: upstream and midstream oil & gas, biofuels, uranium processing, tailings handling systems, fuel cells, batteries, waste recycling, solar, wetlands ecology and medical devices. Mr. Payer also has experience in environmental consulting, completing air pollution models, greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, and risk assessments for ports, rail yards and heavy industry.

Tim Hermes
Vice President & Group Publisher
Business Sector Media

Tim Hermes is the Vice President & Group Publisher for Environmental Leader, Energy Manager Today, and the ELEMCON Conference. A 25-year B2B publishing veteran, he has won numerous publishing awards and is a recognized speaker and presenter at industry events on helping publishers achieve better audience interaction, present new media vehicles and think creatively to deliver engaging content. He is a graduate of James Madison University and the Northwestern University Executive Publishing program. A known leader in online B2B video, TimTalks is his newest concept which launched in May of 2018 at ELEMCON.




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