Cities in France to Save as Veolia Connects 3 Million Smart Water Meters

Veolia is digitizing its water-related services in France, with a goal of connecting over three million smart water meters over the next ten years. Veolia and its subsidiary, Birdz, will use Orange Business Services’ low-frequency radio network, LoRa, which connects objects like intelligent meters that are often located in hard-to-access environments such as building basements or within meter access hatches.

Birdz, which describes itself as a “pioneer in remote water consumption metering,” says its solutions collect millions of data items daily to let communities, manufacturers, retailers, and other customers monitor and predict water consumption, while also detecting atypical consumption such as leaks and identifying instances of fraud.

Such monitoring also helps reduce energy bills, the organizations say. Veolia, Birdz and Orange Business Services are working toward their “common ambition” of promoting the development of connected and intelligent services to improve the management and consumption of resources and energy in cities.

Birdz chose the Orange LoRa network after a 12-month trial period in Toulouse.




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