Consider a Plastic Septic Tank

There are several different materials that a septic tank can be made of. You can choose from concrete, treated metal or plastic. There are several advantages to choosing a plastic septic tank. The biggest one is the ability to move it. If you choose a concrete septic tank, the most common type, you must be certain that the installation company has a truck big enough to carry it on. As well they’ll need a crane and a boom to be able to remove it from the truck and lower it into the ground. Those are expensive pieces of equipment. Ass well, sometimes it’s not possible to get such large equipment into a certain areas. That is when you have to consider other possibilities.

One of the things to consider is a plastic septic tank. It does not require specialized equipment to move it. It can be brought in on a smaller truck and the labor force needed to work on the installation will be sufficient to remove it from the truck. The likely model will be have two compartments to the tank as it is believed to do a better job and some in areas is necessary to meet local law requirements. These must always be considered when deciding which septic tank to use.

Like all things there are some disadvantages to a plastic septic tank. Because they are so much lighter than concrete tanks they have been known to float. This means there can be some movement of the tank in the ground. As long as it’s minimal there is no problem here. If it were to be a lot of movement this could be disruptive to the septic system. As well they are known to, over time, have the plastic septic tank itself deform in shape. Again this is only worrisome if the shape changes a lot, which it shouldn’t.

As long as you maintain your system properly, have it pumped every year to two years and inspected at the same time your plastic septic tank should work out just fine.


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