Decorative Septic Tank Cover Rock: DekoRRa Model 111 Fake Rock Cover

hello everyone this is David here with rocksfastcom where we only sell 100 percent american-made products and I just wanted to give you a quick tour of the dekorra model 111 decorative septic lid rock more popular septic cover rocks its the model 111 and its it's made in the US a by a company called the core products um this this particular iraqis is specifically designed for for septic risers I'm either their the newer more modern classic versions which is a pictured here or or the older can create versions either-or can it work and I'm and a variety up these the septic tank caps covers risers where everyone to call on my most people to simply call them ugly and I would have to agree the model 111 here it is available in four different colors there's a sandstone which is Canada 10 ish little bit over orangish hugh riverbed which is a dark grey handsome black fieldstone which is pretty much just a flat grey and then autumn bluff which is to camera orangish red color popular popular down self smother photos here love the model 1 11 this is a a really easy rack to place you can also get you can purchase events we have a inch-and-a-half three engine four-inch vans I am as a rule a farm if there's a vent present and the septic cover to be ready at event iraq I'm usually one vent is fine over here on the side here you can see behind this here where Rican these drop down menus is for you you air defense I'm once you add them you can have us put them in install them there's no charge for that it's free or to uninstall them yourself just indicate that would just throw them in the box and there they were real easy to install I heating cable you can get any these racks with heating cables which I guess that we can a rare for septic system but they are available in case you're using this to cover back flower pamper something like that and let me just show you here's and different pitchers have the iraqis sandstone this from a sec its riverbed missus riverbed that was audible of show you here this is on a blog their ego and this is rare that other one was fieldstone here's a close-up we can really see the texture an this is a the Corps has a patented molding process is called the real rock and as you can see the name kinda speaks for itself the texturing color variation there's actual little flakes organic material more than in the Iraq so really looks real others the this isn't a native sprayed an A rating this gonna cheaper chipper flake its its you know it's made durable orders there's UV inhibitors molded into this so it's not gonna feed and in look you know lick look cheap overtime I the there's a patented flange ng system which is really cool this is Matt these these flange areas are actually molded into the side on the rack and the stakes are included so they just pounded to the whole here and the spins the rack down and then you know this is covered up with grass term altar stone or wherever so you don't end up seeing this but it had some some security and it prevents the win from carrying the rack away and that's pretty much it for the model 111 septic rack cover arm another thing to I want to add the specifications here this is the exterior dimensions you wanna make sure that one year William E F you measure the septic you don't use this this is just the the wrong exterior dimensions which very from the actual usable interior dimensions for that you wanna go here the interior dimensions chaired and I'll take you over to his church here Anne go down to the 111 and you can see here at different heights what the the usable interior dimensions are here the diameter centers around you measure the diameter of your septic see just lay the she ever around septic it'll either the tape measure across a tapas a diameter and here's a different diameters that Iraq in handle at different to a different house you wanna make sure if your septic has a John junction box day you you take that into consideration here too with with the measurements at this these chairs can be kinda confusing so the easy way out is just click here and you go to our rocky later form where again you just punch in your your measurements and I will get back to you within usually within 15 minutes to half an hour with some some different options that you have as far as the rack covers go will let you know if the 111 worker and you know some other options if there's any others out there that'll work for you and it's called the iraqi leader and again this is the decor a mile 111 artificial rock for septic systems septic risers and it's available at racks fast acecomm in a variety of colors and this is David with racks fast if you have any questions feel free to give us a holler we would be more than happy to help me out alright thanks very much and have a great day


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