Digital Technology Streamlines Environmental Compliance, Long-term Monitoring, Ecological Restoration, and Complex Remediation

Environmental compliance, long-term monitoring, ecological restoration, complex remediation, cultural resources management, and wetlands work is exacting and demanding. Tracking: safety inspections, safety training, construction assets, and on-site activities is tedious but necessary. Utilizing pen and paper or a mish-mash of technology to do this work has its pain points. Precious time is wasted chasing down needed data, transcribing/translating written field notes, uploading and organizing photos, and manipulating data to create reports. The end results are inconsistent, inaccurate data and untimely deliverables, which could lead to notices of violation. Ultimately, these inefficient methodologies contribute to higher costs, uncompetitive bidding, stress, and potentially dissatisfied stakeholders.

These pain points can be resolved with a comprehensive, cloud-based platform consisting of a mobile app for collecting data and a web app for managing project data and photos with an export feature for quickly creating reports in a variety of useful formats.

Sign up for this webinar in which three industry experts discuss: best practices for utilizing cloud-based technology, practical field/management applications, and transitioning smoothly from your established workflow to a new workflow.

Make 2019 the year to sharpen your competitive edge with cloud-based technology – get consistent and accurate data, timely deliverables, higher quality work, improved employee morale, an enhanced bottom line, satisfied regulators, happy clients, and a productive staff.

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Tim Higdon
Environmental Planner / Project Manager

Tim has 19 years of environmental planning, permitting, and compliance experience, including industrial, land development, photovoltaic, solar concentrate, and infrastructure projects in both the construction and operations phases for public government agencies and private companies. Tim also has extensive experience with CEQA / NEPA document preparation.

Chris Webster
Archaeologist and founder of the Archaeology Podcast Network

Chris has 13 years of Cultural Resources Management experience, specializing in efficient digital recording techniques for field-data collection, management, and reporting. He currently works with Wildnote on educational materials, app development, client support, and in sales.

Nancy Douglas
Tech Support, Client Support, and Sales

Nancy has three years of one-on-one experience assisting companies transition from paper/pen or outdated technology to Wildnote, a cloud-based platform for collecting, managing, and reporting environmental data. Additionally, she has done extensive work designing and developing Wildnote’s digital forms for Wetland Determination work and on creating digital forms for Cultural Resources Management.




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