Do I Need a Professional Drain Cleaning?

If you have a clogged drain, you might want to clear it yourself. For shallow, non-severe clogs, you might be able to get away with DIY drain cleaning. However, for most clogs, especially more severe ones, you should enlist the help of a professional to avoid damage to your plumbing that will result in expensive repairs. We’ve compiled a list of signs that indicate that you might be in need of a professional drain cleaning.

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Slow Draining Drains

Before a pipe is completely blocked, a clog will cause a difference in the rate at which water flows through it. This change will result in slow draining of water and pooling around the drain. If you notice this issue in one specific drain, a clog is probably the issue and your drain can result in professional cleaning.

Blocked Drains

A clear sign of a drain in need of clearing is the presence of standing water in an appliance. This water indicates a clog near the entrance of a drain, which eliminates the pipe’s ability to drain any water. If the clog is small and near the surface, there is a chance that you can manually pull out the clog. However, if the drain is completely blocked, it’s important to call in a professional to ensure that the entire clog is cleared.


If you notice water bubbling back from your drain into your sink, shower, or bathtub, your drainage does not have a clear path. When the drainage doesn’t have a clear path, it’s a sign that there is a clog in your pipes. You might also notice backflow in an unconnected drain, such as water bubbling in your shower when you flush your toilet. When water bubbles back up through any drain, it’s a clear sign of a clog in need of clearing.

Low Water Pressure

Although many drain clogs occur in exit pipes, some occur in source points such as your showerhead or sink faucet. This type of clog is typically the result of natural buildup such as water minerals. When there is a clog in this location, you will notice a significant drop in water pressure that only affects that specific appliance.

Empty or Overflowing Toilet

If pipes in your plumbing are blocked, there is a chance that there will not be enough water to supply to all of the appliances in your home. When there is a shortage of water, it will often result in an empty or mostly empty toilet bowl. If the blockage is in the outgoing plumbing, the water in the toilet will have nowhere to go when you flush, resulting in an overflowing toilet.

Odors Coming From Your Drains

Although some clogs don’t cause odor, the most common causes of clogs create a distinct, localized odor that will come up through the drain. These clogs will result in a stench around a specific drain where the clog is located. Materials such as food, organic waste, hair, and other bad-smelling materials can cause this odor. If your drain seems to be blocked and is accompanied with odor, a professional drain cleaning is probably necessary.

ADB Septic | Drain Cleaning Services CT 

When blockages and clogs happen ADB Construction & Septic is here to help! We offer sewer drain cleaning service at a fair, hourly rate. ADB Construction & Septic has NO hidden fees or add-ons. Our fair hourly rate includes the use of a video inspection camera as needed. With the use of our video inspection system, we can locate any problem! We offer our friendly, knowledgeable technicians, with fully stocked service vans to solve any problem. Whether its roots in your sewer main, or a grease back up from your kitchen sink, we can help! Hair clogs in your tub, we can unclog any drain!

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