Drain Field Installation: What You Should Know

Your drain field is one of the most important parts of your septic system. During the septic system installation process, your technician will help you decide the best place for your drain field. Although you might think you can place it anywhere, there are actually a number of factors to consider. If you’re having a septic system installed, we have the information you need to know about your drain field.

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Why is Your Drain Field Important?

The drain field is important because it helps treat wastewater. The pipes help move the wastewater through the system to the soil. The soil then removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and nutrients from the wastewater. After filtering out the water, the drain field discharges the water as groundwater, which then cycles back into the system. Without this filtration process, contaminated water could cycle back through your system, causing serious health risks to you and your family.

Factors that Impact Installation

You might think that you can place your drain field anywhere in your yard. However, there are a few factors that will impact optimal placement.

1. Size

It’s important that your drain field is large enough to handle the amount of sewage it will receive every day. If your drain field is too small, it will overload easily and flood. When this flooding occurs, it can cause sewage backup in your pipes while contaminating the groundwater. Therefore you should choose an area of your yard that will allow for proper size of your drain field.

2. Soil

The type of soil that makes up your drain field is essential in its functionality. When choosing the location of installation, you should make sure the soil is the proper consistency. It should be course enough for the water to flow through, but fine enough to filter out the effluent. Soil that is too gravelly will not filter properly, while soil with a high clay content can contaminate the water. For more information on proper soil for drain fields, check out this blog post!

3. Terrain

The terrain on which you choose to build your drain field is important. You should not choose a spot with a steep slope. With rainfall, the area can experience runoff that will damage or flood the drain field. When the drain field floods, it can cause damage to your whole system. It’s important to choose a flat surface of the proper consistency to ensure your drain field works properly.

4. Landscaping

Any landscaping in your yard will help determine where your drain field should be installed. Your drain field cannot be placed anywhere near trees, as the roots can grow into the field and damage the field itself or the pipes in your system. There can be no obstructions within the ground. A drain field also cannot have anything heavy placed on top of it, as it soil will become compacted and it won’t function properly. Your drain field should be out in the open, free of obstructions in order to carry out its functions.

5. Access

Your drain field should be somewhere that is easy to access. The drain field and your septic system will require regular maintenance. Therefore, they need to be easily accessible. Your drain field should not be installed anywhere that will hard to get to. The cover of your septic system should be easily accessible as well. If you don’t like the look of the cover, check out our blog providing tips on hiding your cover in your landscaping. An accessible system is essential in performing maintenance, which is necessary to keep the system functioning properly.

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