Grander for Septic Tanks – On site review

G'day folks Rod from My Water Filter here today

And by now, everybody should be quite familiar with all our talks and videos on Grander and Grander Water, Grander Whole House Systems, and just how amazing they are And how the biologics work, etcetera And that Grander Water has got a lot more oxygen in it available than other water And today, we've decided to put it to the test So, generally, when you have Grander on your house, the water goes through the whole house, looks after the whole house, looks after you and your insides

It's taking care of everything that that Grander Water comes in contact with, right? And then, once you've showered in it, washed in it, the toilet's used and everything, this is where it ends up At the septic, all right? So, the boys have put it on me Today I'm gonna put my head in there because Grander tell us that this septic isn't gonna smell Because it's full of Grander Water, okay? So, the situation here is, this has been over 10 years It hasn't been pumped out

The shore has been along The council inspected it, had a look Told him no worries Don't worry about it Doesn't need cleaning out

Which is quite unique, okay? So, bacteria, and other parameter tests have been carried out on sewage and wastewater using Grander Conditioning over the past 25 years now, from piggeries, saboteurs, small goods processing plants, septic tanks like this one, okay? And the advantage is that they're pumping the water out onto the yard and things like that and there's no smell to it So let's have a quick look and we'll see how we go It's quite unbelievable I really wasn't expecting that to tell you the truth And it doesn't smell

And I've seen septic tanks and etcetera in my earlier days, and it had quite a horrible a pong to it So this is quite an amazing thing So you can see now, as that water comes through and is collected in the septic tank there, that its been biologically treated, and the water is taken care of, even the septic in the septic tank, okay? I'm told that when they first came to this house, they were using a lot of chemicals Even chemicals in the septic, etcetera And inside on the garage there, there's a huge amount of chemicals on the shelf from the previous owners

And they're all still sitting there today So it's a pretty a chemical-free home, this one It runs off Grander Swimming pool and even the septic's perfect So have a good think about what you're doing

Might fit in with your lifestyle, and your gardening, and things like that And a lot of these septics now days, not a septic system like this, but it just gets pumped straight into the community septic systems And you certainly would be doing the environment and everybody a favor if you had a Grander Whole House unit on your home, and it was taking care of all your water, including the water that's leaving your home, okay? So, give us a call if we can help in any way And it's just another amazing part of the world of Grander Thanks very much


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