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the no a folks this is David here with rocksfastcom and I'm shooting this quick video here to can to go over how to hi dear how to cover a septic riser alright this is a a question we get all the time that we get this question a lot from its mostly from homeowners who live out in the country where they have they have a septic systems septic field and add the majority of those part iv: part a system is the septic tank riser and basically what it is the big round ugly they're usually their either can't read or the newer ones 11 or 10 plastic and they stick at the ground anywhere from you know incher to all the way up to two feet or so and he sings I mean they're big they can be you know three feet across easy and they always seem to be in in the least desirable place you know there are right out the front yard other on the back to rate Maria your landscaping area is there's a big pain in the rear basically in people he will like looking at them so they want to cover the septic they wanna item but its can a problem because you can't really go not so around them and a plan a buncha bushes or never because you know you you're gonna have to get the tank home or if something breaks down here have to get it repaired and then the you know the technicians are they're going to come there and any it's in the winter some dinners spring it's all muddy then after be you know tiptoeing through your tulips there is gonna plow through an they need to get tank so they make him less whatever whatever plantings at you you plan around the slings same thing goes with water wells but long story short is there's there's a need for cover that that disguises the cane you know how to blend in with the surroundings and could also be removed quickly yes if need be and that's where these decor rock these fake rock covers come in these are perfect for for septic racks and their well one they look incredibly realistic so they actually and curb appeal you know it's not just a question i've it's hiding your tank in in many cases it actually enhances the landscape in your yard because these these rocks look so real but just to go over quickly how you go about covering your septic tank I am and any use this here we actually posted this over wikiHow couple months ago still appear some skinny use this is it's a outlines the steps and the head still has some photos we took here here's a picture of a septic tank this is an older can create one about 18 inches high and what what you wanna do first to take a ruler for measuring tape or whatever yardstick and you wanna measure the height KC-one a measure from the very base is very bottom all the way up to the top in one measure exact you don't wanna add an Answer to wear whatever to play it safe that's lacking help you at all kid just all that could possibly do is is have us recommand a rock cover that is bigger and you actually need which is not a good thing because that means just gonna cost more money and you know no one like spending money so why why add at measurements and have to buy a bigger rock when you don't have to re: because we want to help you save money that that spend it so just measure exactly please r8 may cause for the high and the diameter which is the next measurement want to measure the diameter and what that is the diameter is the diagonal measure across the top right it's nap decir compare and switches them the measure around the outside around the exterior you wanna monkey with the circum- serious we don't care about that we all we care about is the diagonal um and note here some other newer tanks and some of the older ones but allow the newer tanks have what's called junction backs on the side what that is it a Canada square rectangular love my gray to box which holds can hold switches electrical components for the pomp whatever arm but want to be sure that you include that in the measurements okay ideally you would measure the diagonal just up to take and then also that day no measure I love take including the John the junction box RA here's a photo up one of these on these Johnson backs see it right here by the sleaze ni the grey box there and the sad tank that the junction box you want to make sure that your including that in in your measurements because it's you know it's something that needs to be be covered by the rock alright see measure the height you measured the diagonal okay and now the diameter and now you want to pic iraq that's the correct size that sounds like an easy thing to do but it's pretty amazing how many people mess it up and it's just because it easy to mess up and I can show you why if you go iraq's fast-track and you the one of the first things people do after that reading the description is they want and I'll be the iraqis so they go to specification and they see the exterior dimensions height 15 in slang 34-inch with 32-inch and they compare those to the measurements they just took and you know all my septic sony's 14 inches high 32 inches long and 30 inches wide damn it's less than these these exterior measurements so it's gonna fit the order it and then it's way too small ends up looking like a birthday hats and the septic tank why is that I it's because the interior up these rock covers the interior spaces quite a bit less and the exterior rate these exterior dimensions their measured like the LinkedIn with with are measured at the very very basic iraq you lose a lot of interior space texturing and these racks here show you a picture here I'm but this texturing all this texting cm outside that's translating always give its in one that that's all translating to interior space being gobble up RA so just keep in mind that the the interior dimensions are considerably less than the exteriors just ignore those exterior dimensions if you can what you wanna do is go into the description here and you can see there's a link to the interior dimension church right there he cooked that use it right over to this page were: which has the the charts for all the different models he can look it up ray here you know if you're 12 inch you take twelve inches high can be a max 24 wide by 24 long or 28 inch diagonal now the these church to carry confusing because there's different there's different length in with max's for different heights s because as you rotate the rack above the abject you're changing the dimensions of it its it's kinda hard to describe but long story short these can be confusing and you know if you find them confusing don't get frustrated to school over here back to Iraq is here and hit this don't panic click here for fast free sizing help and we will do all the dirty work for you alright this is called the iraqi leader just punch in your name your email address your phone is optional then the dimensions of the abject you wanna covering this case septic so yes punch in the the high the diameter IRA here he and his has a junction box or nap any additional notes submit their we get this right away and we're we respond to it right away as well RA we all parts around Sydney's for for days and this is something where we you know to come through instantly and we answer these instantly what we do is we look at your dimensions and then we look at all the different rack miles and we he 11 when we formulate the email back to you we list is many miles as possible it'll work for you okay we we want to give you as many options as we possibly can for your particular application one that that can help save you money because you can go with that a small you know the smallest rock possible into these rocks all look different and if there is a particular one that you know you you think is gonna sit in better with your landscaping or every go that route okay and that about does it for how you go about measuring and then choosing a correct rock cover for your septic just a quick word and the quality of these these are made in the USA by a company called cora and they're incredibly durable I mean the scenes are made dick polymers a thick plastic and their molded was with a process called real racket patented process and it's really cool because it it molds in all the tax during there's little flakes are organic material needs to give 'em when you look will look at them up close to look like we'll granite are all the collar and is molded in and it's just I'll the UV inhibitors as well that's all molded in so these ads sprayed a nap painted totally maintenance-free you know you're actually have to worry about sanding and scraping and painting and year two down the road the scenes are bulletproof we have them in Wiscasset me here where it's you know 20 below in the winter and 100 degrees and rule humid in this summer arm we have these outside all year long all year long and they hold up just fine mean they look is is good today is that you know when they did three years ago when we had a mild by our office here I'll string trimmers you know you can go up for throttle were up against what are these in just have a heyday and it doesn't even faze him I mean the scenes really toss and they look incredible these really do look like a real rocks or a and again racks past that time that about sums it up I've wasted enough for your time zip on over iraq's fast ackerman check these out if you have questions or anything can't act us give us a call or use the contact us form on our website have a great day we hope to see you soon thanks a lot


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