Invade SeptiTreat Treatment Specific for Septic Tanks

Hi, I�m Lyn Hitt, president of ePestSolutions This morning I�d like to talk to you about the Rockwell product SeptiTreat

It�s used to help in septic systems You apply 8 oz per quarter every three months A lot of times, the problems you have with septic systems build up over the (inaudible) period This product is designed to digest the organic waste including fats, oils, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose, urea, as well as reduces odours

Simply pour it down the toilet, flush the toilet or you can actually pour it down the drain That being said, you need to follow it up with at least a gallon of water if you�re going to pour it down the drain It certainly helps eliminate odours, any problems that you could have in your septic systems with this SeptiTreat by Rockwell Labs For these and other tips, visit us at ePestSolutionscom or call (888) 523-7378


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