Landscaping and Your Septic System: What You Should Know

During the springtime, many people take on landscaping projects, hoping to freshen up their yard and improve the aesthetic. However, if your home has a septic system, you might worry about your landscaping in keeping your septic system safe. For the most part, landscaping won’t impact your septic system as long as you stay away from the tank itself. However, we’ve created some helpful tips to guide your landscaping this spring that will keep your septic system safe.landscaping

Planting Over Your Tank

Plants That are Safe for Your System

Grass is the safest thing to plant over your septic system. You will not have to worry about grass over your septic tank or your drain field. Plants with shallow roots are the best choice for your septic system because you won’t have to worry about roots growing toward your system and damaging it. Perennials are a good choice over septic systems because you won’t have to worry about repeated work over your system that might lead to accidental damage. The soil in your drain field is often wetter than average soil, so you should choose plants that thrive in wetter soil. You should never plant anything edible near your septic system, as it can lead to you or your family ingesting harmful bacteria.

Items to Avoid

1. Trees

Trees can cause serious problems for your septic system. You should not plant trees over your septic tank or drain field. You should also avoid planting them anywhere near plumbing lines. Tree roots can grow into your septic system, blocking pipes and damaging your plumbing and septic tank. In order to avoid issues with tree roots, you should keep any trees as far away from your system as the tree is tall. For example, if the tree is 20 feet tall, it should be at least 20 feet away from your septic system to avoid issues.

2. Fences

Building a fence can cover up your septic tank, but you should be sure to monitor how deep you plant the posts. When posts are to deep into the soil, they could damage your septic tank and affect the waste flow. Additionally, if these posts are planted deep into the drain field, it can compact the drain field and render it ineffective. When building a fence in your yard, it’s best to place it a significant distance away from your tank

3. Vegetable Gardens

A garden is a great addition to your home to give you healthy vegetables and can improve the aesthetic of your yard. However, using a vegetable garden to mask your septic system is a bad choice. The waste from your system can very easily end up in your garden before it’s been properly treated, leading to contamination. When you grow vegetables near your septic system, they could contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous. So, when planting a vegetable garden, make sure it is proper distance from your septic tank.

4. Heavy Items

Heavy items like lawn ornaments, gazebos, cars, and heavy machinery should never be placed on top of your septic system. These items can put pressure on your system, causing damage. Additionally, when placed on top of a drain field, these items will compact the soil, which will damage the flow of the drain field.

Hiding Your Tank

Plant Grasses Around the Lid

You should never plant grass directly over the lid of your septic system, as it will make maintenance more difficult. However, tall grass planted around your lid will successfully hide your septic tank lid without detracting from your landscape.

Place a Light Lawn Ornament on Top

Heavy items should never be placed on top of your septic tank lid, but light items that can be easily removed are a great option for covering. Lawn ornaments such as statues, birdbaths, and potted plants can all cover your septic tank lid properly while improving the overall look of your property.

Use Rocks

Artificial landscape rocks are a great way to hide your septic tank. They are lightweight and easily removed and they will look great with your landscaping. Moveable rock gardens can look great as well. Because they are temporary and easily shifted around, they will not inhibit septic system maintenance.

Create a Mosaic Lid Cover

One option that many people choose to hide their septic tank is to make the lid look appealing, rather than masking it. Creating a mosaic design with small tiles over your concrete lid will look great and help the lid stand out less on your property.

Paint the Lid

If none of these masking options suit your needs, you can always paint the lid. Painting the lid the same color as its surroundings will help it easily blend in without disrupting any functionality. This option is a quick, easy solution to improve the look of your septic system.

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