MDEQ Minute – Septic System

This is MDEQ Minute! Hi! I’m Dale And I’m Kristine We specialize in Septic Systems! That’s right, we work with treating poop! When you gotta go, you gotta go! But where does it go? When you flush the toilet, some pipes lead to a sewage treatment plant But, for others, you may have a septic system in your backyard! Let’s learn more

Start the clock ————- After your poop takes the waterslide into your septic tank, Bacteria will help break down that stuff; but it can only eat so much! Everything the bacteria doesn’t eat, piles up in the tank over time So remember to pump out your septic tank, or the poop may try to bring the party back into your house EW

Meanwhile, liquid from the septic tank gets pushed out into something called a drain field These pipes push waste water through holes and into a layer of gravel This is where bacter helps clean it before it filters through the soil and into our ground water But your septic system needs your help to do the best job possible! Start with these Septic Smart 3 tips: #1 “Protect it and Inspect it” Have your septic tank pumped as necessary

#2 “Think at the Sink” Don’t use a garbage disposal #3 “Don’t Overload your Commode” Stop flushing things like wipes! For more information on septic systems and how YOU can be “SepticSmart,” check out our website And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more episodes of the MDEQ minute

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