Meet the 100: Amy Bond, Energy & Sustainability Program Manager – Sprint

The E+E 100 are the VPs, directors, managers and engineers who are making significant strides in driving our industry. Watch for the report featuring all 100 at the end of June, or see the complete list here. And stay tuned for the Call for Submissions coming in the fall, when you can nominate your favorite sustainability or energy management professional!

Now, meet Amy Bond, energy and sustainability program manager with Sprint:

Telecommunications company Sprint has worked hard to itself as a corporate leader in terms of renewable energy in recent years. One of its most recent initiatives includes a virtual power purchase agreement that positions Sprint as a key investor in a new wind farm that, among other benefits, will help the company hedge against the rising cost of energy. Bond played a key role in that project as well as multiple other sustainability initiatives.

EL: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the last year or two?

Bond: We’ve been working on a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA). These are challenging contracts with deep internal education needs. Keeping up momentum with business units and colleagues who already have a full plate of “normal” responsibilities is no small task.

EL: How have you addressed that challenge?

Bond: I’m delightfully persistent. Just own your leadership role and keep smiling. Communicating with our internal business colleagues and moving the VPPA along involved visualization: showing them how it would work. We did a lot of graphics, showing how a company could potentially get revenue from the project. Once you don’t feel dumb about something, you’re willing to learn more. Nobody likes to feel uninformed.

EL: What advice would you give other professionals as they try to accomplish their sustainability or energy management goals?

Bond: There are only three things to remember. You must persevere. You must do the work. Because every win is a win for everyone.




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