Portable Toilets in Cold Weather: What You Should Know

Most people associate portable toilets with warm weather events such as concerts, fairs, and festivals. However, portable toilets are also useful in cold weather for ice-skating, sledding, ice fishing, and even smaller ski areas. Although portable toilets are useful in colder months, the cold weather brings special considerations that you’ll need to address. If you’re planning on renting portable toilets for a winter event, we’ve compiled the information you need to know.cold weather portable toilets

Preventing Freezing

In the cold weather, many people worry that the liquid inside portable toilets will freeze. If this liquid freezes, it will be an uncomfortable mess for any user. However, when you use portable toilets from a quality rental company, a technician will add a non-toxic solution to the water to keep it from freezing. Additionally, proper placement and frequent servicing will also help avoid this issue.

Frequent Servicing

Servicing your portable toilets frequently is important for sanitation and comfort reasons year-round. However, frequent servicing during the cold weather is essential to prevent portable toilets from freezing. If your portable toilets will be present for a long-term event or season, you should service these portable toilets at least once per week. For sanitary reasons, though, they should really be serviced once per day, depending on the volume of use. Frequent servicing is key to keeping portable toilets comfortable and sanitary for your guests.

Keeping Toilets Warm

Keeping your portable toilets warm is important both for preventing freezing and for the comfort of your guests. To keep your toilets warm, placement is key. The first choice for placement is obviously indoors or in a covering of some sort. However, when this is not possible, do your best to place them in sunny spots to keep them warm. Because portable toilets typically have translucent roofs, they will let the sun in to warm the area. You might also consider placing a small portable heater inside. Portable heaters will fit easily inside the portable toilet and make the inside warm and comfortable for your guests.

Providing Access

If you’re going to rent porta potties for your guests, you’ll want to make sure that your guests can access them easily. If there’s any hint of snow or ice, be sure to salt the area around the porta potty to prevent slipping accidents as well as the toilet freezing to the ground. Be sure to keep portable toilets away from corners of streets and other areas where they might get plowed in after snow, as they will be inaccessible and could be damaged.

Shielding From Strong Winds

Wintertime and cold weather brings high winds. These winds can often lead to portable toilets tipping over, which will have obvious unfortunate consequences. Place porta potties against a building, fence, wall, or other sturdy structure to prevent them from falling over when the wind kicks up. Shielding portable toilets from strong winds in cold weather is essential to prevent damage and bad experiences for users.

ADB Septic | Portable Toilet Rentals in CT

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