Septic system myths…BUSTED!

Hello, and welcome to the Straight Poop on Septic Systems Today we are dispelling myths of septic systems

Today I have with me Charlette, and she's going to help me bust some of those septic system myths Charlette, will you reach into our throne and pull out our first myth? "My septic system is designed to last forever" Oooh, that's a good one! Many septic systems have lasted for 50 years or more, but some have failed within a year The average life span of a septic system is 20-30 years But really, how long a septic system lasts depends on how much stress you put on your septic system

If you have a garbage disposal, if you use water excessively by doing lots of loads of laundry at the same time, or too many showers all at once, if you're not regularly inspecting your septic system for problems, or if you're waiting too long to pump your septic system, all of those things can shorten the life of a septic system So let's see what our next myth is "I don't need an inspection because I get the tank pumped every couple of years" The truth here is failures usually happen in the drainfield, not in the tank Your septic tank is just a reservoir that holds about 3 days worth of water

When you pump your septic system, you're making sure that the solids don't get into the drainfield But inspections look at your whole septic system to see if there are any problems that are going to be really expensive to fix later Pumping also usually costs more than an inspection, so you should really get an inspection first to make sure you need to pump your septic system What's the next myth, Charlette? Let's see "Household chemicals do not harm a septic system

" Household chemicals actually can harm your septic system You need the bacteria in your septic system to break down the solids So when you're using a lot of bleach in your laundry, soap on your dishes, or when you pour solvents down your drain such as turpentine, that can kill the bacteria that are in your septic system It can also lead out to your drainfield and get into the groundwater, which is really important if you have a well Let's see what our last myth is

"Septic system additives are a great way to make sure your septic system keeps working well" The truth is you should never put anything but water from toilets, sinks, and showers into your septic system Poo has all the enzymes and bacteria that's needed to make a septic system work well We've heard all sorts of things like putting cabbage down your septic system, flushing cat food, ground beef, additives sold in stores Even a whole turkey! We've heard all of those things, but the truth is none of them are going to help your septic system work any better than it already is

They're all a waste of money


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