Septic Tank Waste May Be Infecting Freshwater Systems

I'm Shelby Cullinan with toddy's health news When it comes to keeping freshwater clean, septic systems might not be making the grade

A new study from Michigan State University found that 64 freshwater systems in Michigan were contaminated with E coli bacteria and the human fecal bacteria B-theta stemming from septic systemsThis finding has raised concerns about the regulation of septic tanks in order to protect freshwater Michigan, Florida and South Carolina, as well as resort areas near lakes across the US, rely heavily on septic tanks for human sewage Although each state regulates septic tanks differently, more may need to be done in order to ensure freshwater sources are not contaminated

According to the study team, if the US continues to depend on septic systems, there could be a need of cleanup costs totaling $289 billion over the next 20 years


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