‘Smart’ Shipping Box Can Be Used a Thousand Times, Save Companies Major Bucks

Packaging solutions start-up LivingPackets is launching a sustainable and trackable shipping box, created for e-commerce shipping, which generates almost zero packaging waste and can be used up to 1,000 times. Dubbed The Box, the “smart” shipping container holds contents of up to 5kg, LivingPackets says.

The Box features real-time, environmental monitoring – including location, temperature, humidity, shocks and opening information – as well as an integrated camera for remote viewing of the contents. An automatic holding system eliminates filling materials such as bubble-wrap, and an electronic address display eliminates the need for packaging stickers. It can also be custom-branded.

In addition to a “massive reduction” in cardboard and plastic waste, merchants and logistics companies will spend up to 10 times less by shipping with The Box as compared to conventional, one-way packaging, says LivingPackets. On the receiving end, The Box is said to enhance user experience by allowing customers to either pay for or return a shipment by simply pressing a button on the package. Users and packaging collection points are incentivised to return the boxes and keep them in perpetual circulation, according to the company.

The company has launched a funding campaign to help it “be able to produce The Box in the millions.” It is inviting e-commerce and logistics providers to contribute, in return for a share of the company’s profits.




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