The Importance of Sewer Line Inspections Before Purchasing a Home

sewer line inspectionProspective home buyers know how many different variables they need to take into account before making a purchase. Traditional home inspections are important, but many buyers overlook their sewer systems or septic lines. Standard home inspections do not cover the structural integrity or condition of sewer or septic lines. Having a sewer or septic line inspection prior to purchasing a property is a proactive and innovative approach to make an educated buying decision, plan for upcoming maintenance, budget for necessary repairs, or gain valuable purchase price negotiation.

Many first time home buyers are not aware that they are responsible for the condition of a lateral sewer line leading from the street to the homeowner. For this reason, they might not consider a sewer line inspection prior to purchasing their home. If you’re a potential home buyer or a homeowner who is considering skipping a sewer line inspection, we’ve broken down the importance of this inspection to help you reevaluate your decision.

Identify Any Hidden Problems

When homeowners are intending to buy a new home, they want to ensure that everything is in working order. While the surface may look adequate, under the ground it might not. The sewer line may be on the verge of collapsing and prospective homeowners would not know any better without the benefit of an inspection. 

Future Repair Prevention

Older sewer systems may have undergone a lot of wear-and-tear from above ground pressure from manmade structures like gazebos and trees. Considering this, it’s possible that the pipes are cracked and soil has found its way into the sewer pipe. If this is the case, over time the dirt will accumulate as the tree route continues to expand the crack, leading to blockage if the problem is not discovered in a timely fashion. As a first time home buyer in Connecticut, requesting for sewer line inspection services will help to ensure that future costly repairs are prevented. After all, prevention is better than the cure.

Risk Factors for Sewer Line Issues

Tree root growth is a frequent cause of sewer line damage. The roots are responsible for blockages and separated pipe sections. Outdated and eroding pipe materials also frequently contribute to sewer line deterioration. The two problems work hand-in-hand, as older pipes are more susceptible to root intrusion.

We understand that it may not always be feasible to opt for a sewer line inspection. However, if you notice any of these warning signs indicating that your home may be at risk for sewer line issues, we strongly recommend that you consider speaking with a septic professional.

  • The concrete surrounding the home is cracked or raised
  • Visible root growth in the yard
  • The home has been vacant for several years
  • There are old trees scattered around the property
  • The home is older than 20 years

What is a Sewer Line Video Inspection?

To avoid unexpected and costly problems, we recommend having a septic expert conduct a video camera sewer line inspection before purchasing a home. Simply, a sewer line inspection uses a specialized video camera, snaked through a pipe to inspect the integrity of a sewer line from a professional perspective. The professionals will inspect your home’s sewer mainline (a.k.a. the lateral main waste line, sanitary or sanitation mainline) form the house to the city sewer connection. The high-tech camera allows the technician to inspect the pipe live and record the video for the customer’s own record keeping. This video will be incredibly useful to show if the line is in need of maintenance, repair, and replacement or if it is in good working condition.

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