Tool Helps Clean Up Supply Chains and Offers ‘Highest Level of Material Transparency’

Consumers and forward-thinking brands are increasingly demanding cleaner, less harmful products and materials, and manufacturers that are attempting to “clean up” complex supply chains have a new tool to help them manage the process. MBDC and Toxnot, the creators of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program, are collaborating on a solution to help manufacturers explore alternative, potentially safer chemicals and screen them against particularly hazardous compounds, collect complex data on the ingredients in their products, and automatically submit product data directly to MBDC for certification.

“Historically, the challenge for manufacturers has been a lack of a consistent platform to share product formulations that protects proprietary information while still providing customers the peace of mind that all ingredients of a product – down to the molecule – have been screened using multiple peer-reviewed standards for human and ecological health,” Howie Fendley, director of projects and senior chemist at MBDC told Environmental Leader. The web interface created by Toxnot and designed to implement the Cradle to Cradle Certified Material Health assessment methodology will allow for the highest level of material transparency while making accessible the “gold standard in product sustainability,” Fendley says.

Disclosure of ingredients for products and materials does not always equate to reduced harm for human and environmental health, according to MBDC. The collaboration is expected to provide manufacturers a trusted way to communicate their work toward safer and healthier materials, because the ingredients will have been fully assessed for Cradle to Cradle Certification, while keeping their proprietary formulas secured. “This is optimized disclosure for consumers and industry alike to truly further transparency for material chemistry,” says Jay Bolus, president of MBDC.

Toxnot and MBDC hope that the collaboration will make eco-intelligent and sustainable product design easy and affordable.

Editor’s note: Toxnot was the recipient of an Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award in 2017. According to our judges, “This is a great tool for tracking hazardous chemical in products. Toxnot is a tremendous benefit to product manufacturers and users, ensuring that their products are safe and environmentally friendly.” 




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