Waste Water Treatment – Septic Tank Installation

In this video you will see how a modern waste water system is installed for a dwelling house It involves two seperate units One acts a seperation chamber, the other as a filtration system The seperation chamber is installed first

It is designed in a way which seperates the soiled water from the solids It is vital that the tank is installed level for the system to function properly Once in place, the tank can be connected to the sewer pipe from the home (Centre of the picture) The waste water is then pumped from the seperation chamber to the filtration unit As the area around the tank is being back-filled, the installer regularly checks to ensure the system remains in the correct position Excavation can now begin for the installation of the filtration tank Measurements are taken to check if the excavation has reached the required depth and size for the filtration unit The filtration unit is filled with crushed coconut which removes bateria and filters the water to fresh water quality before it leaves the system Having passed through the filtration system, the water percolates through crushed stone before seeping into the soil as fresh water The blue pipe shown above carries the waste water from the septic tank to the filtration unit Finally, the whole system is covered over to ground level, showing just the two manhole covers for inspection and maintaince

Source: Youtube


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