Your Top 5 Questions About Clogged Drains Answered

When your drain or plumbing is clogged, it can be a difficult problem to deal with. Any task involving your plumbing, including using your sink or flushing your toilet, becomes much more difficult. If you’ve experienced a clogged drain that can’t be solved by simply running water through it or pulling out the clog, you understand how inconvenient it can be. We’ve compiled the top questions people ask about clogged drains and drain cleaning to help you tackle tough clogs today.

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1. Why is My Drain Clogged?

If you pour grease down your drain, it will solidify in your pipes and lead to a clog. Other materials can clog your drain as well. In the shower, hair and soap scum and build up over time and lead to a clog. In your kitchen sink, food particles can stick in your pipes, building up and leading to a clog. It is fairly common for your drains to experience clogs, as it is common to dump materials other than liquids down your drain.

2. Can I Clean My Drain Myself?

You might be tempted to clean your drain yourself with a chemical drain cleaner or your own snake. Chemical drain cleaners typically do not work and can do serious damage to your waste breakdown process if you have a septic system. Snaking your drain yourself might temporarily fix the clog, but a snake will simply poke a hole in the clog, rather than clearing the whole thing. When parts of the clog remain after you attempt to clear it, debris will very easily stick to the remainder of the clog, causing a clogged pipe again after a short period time.

3. What are the Methods of Professional Drain Cleaning?

If you’ve decided to hire a professional drain cleaning service, you might be wondering what methods they will use. The most effective method to clear out clogs is a high-pressure water jet. As its name suggests, this tool uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast out any clogs or debris in your pipes. It will clear out your entire plumbing system. If your home is older and has older, weaker pipes, a professional might use a power snake. This method will be more effective than DIY snaking and can clear out a clog in your drain.

4. What are the Benefits of Drain Cleaning?

The most obvious benefit of drain cleaning is effective and quick drainage. Cleaning your drain when you first notice a clog will help prevent severe clogs that can lead to damage to your pipes. It will also improve the lifespan of your plumbing. Additionally, drain cleaning will prevent any odors from escaping your pipes into your home and alleviate any concerns about the cleanliness of your pipes.

5. What are the Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain?

It’s important to clean your drain early if there’s a clog, but in order to do so, you’ll need to know the warning signs. One of the most obvious signs of a clog is a slow-draining drain. If multiple drains are draining slowly, there might be a clogged pipe deeper in your plumbing. You might also notice water pooling around your drain or a gurgling noise coming from your drain. With more severe clogs, you might notice an odor coming from your drain accompanying some of the other signs.

ADB Septic | CT Drain Cleaning Services

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